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•   Frustrated with outrageous monthly electric and/or gas bills?

•   Is your existing HVAC system inefficient, noisy with lack luster cooling or heating?

•   With a new electronic air filtration system, your family could breathe easier, with up to     99.98 percent of airborne particles were continually removed?

•   Would you like to know how much you would save with a new energy efficient system?

•   Do you understand the value of the SEERS rating scale?

RheemHi, I’m Eric Roos, owner of American Air Heating & Air Conditioning. For over 23 years, customers just like you, have reduced their electric and gas consumption up to 30%+ with the installation of a new, energy efficient air conditioning and furnace systems.

Looking for great prices? You will receive very competitive pricing. We are a small, local contractor, with low overhead and receive favorable pricing due to our long- term relationship with American Standard and Rheem, two of the largest, HVAC systems manufactures.

American StandardCall Today for a free in-home estimate to replace your energy wasting Air Conditioning system. Unlike others, we do not feature “low price special coupons” on our website. You should consider these as smoke & mirrors tactics, because every new installation is unique and custom to your needs.

You home is unique. Factors for new systems estimates include your home’s location, size, construction and of course your budget. You may want HVAC system enhancements like the American Standard AccuClean Filtration or the AccuComfort System. Due to many factors, we customized the estimate based on your requirements.

Rheem and American Standard manufacture high quality HVAC systems. Both manufactures receive excellent ratings compared to the largest 12 major air conditioning system providers. Both offer the best industry warranties of 12 years for the compressor and 10 years for parts.

Should you choose a High Efficiency HVAC system? YES
Were you aware that most heating and AC systems account for up to one-half of your home’s electricity? When you switch to a high SEERs rated, energy-efficient AC / furnace system, your household could reduce their monthly energy costs (electricity & natural gas) by up to one third.

Efficiency – What are SEER ratings
You will hear the term SEER’s rating when shopping for a new Air Conditioning system? This rating informs you the AC system’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio, also known as SEER. The SEER’s rating inform you the amount of energy that is required for efficient cooling. The higher the SEER number, the better its efficiency. Many older models AC systems, like yours, may have a low SEER rating of 5 or 6. Today’s best units today have SEER’s ratings into the twenties.

RheemAn Energy Star certification from the Department of Energy also is a good sign that your new HVAC system will save you money. The Environmental Protection Agency is a voluntary program to identify and promote energy–efficient products to reduce energy consumption through the voluntary labeling of products that meet the highest energy efficiency standards.

Everyone deserves some fresh air. An air exchanger, like the American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning AccuClean™, cleans and freshens your home’s air by removing stale indoor air and pollutants, replacing it with an equal exchange of fresh outdoor air. It also recovers heat and moisture from the exchanged air, enhancing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and keeping humid or dry air out.

RheemYour whole-Home Air Filtration System can remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne particles and allergens from the filtered air that your family breathes and is more than 100 times more effective than the standard 1” paper filter.

Call us today and we’ll help simplify things so you’re not overwhelmed when trying to find the HVAC system that fits your home perfectly.


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Types of HVAC systems

Cooling Only Split-System
A split system is a combination of an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor condensing unit. Most new homes use this type of system.

The indoor air handling unit contains a supply air fan and an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger (or cooling coil), and the expansion device. The outdoor condensing unit consists of a compressor and a condenser coil.

For homes, manufacturers are required to take the EER rating a step further and provide a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). SEER ratings vary widely and range from 10 to 20. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the AC system operates. Heating the interior is usually in the form of electric or gas heating.

Cooling Only Packaged-System
A packaged system is a single unit that combines the components described in the split system. Because the system is one package, it must be placed outside the building and indoor air is “ducted” from the building to the packaged system and back through an air distribution system. These units typically have SEER rating from 10 to 18. Like a split system, heating the interior is usually in the form of electric or gas heating.

Heat Pump
Heat pumps are similar to cooling only systems with one exception. A valve in the refrigeration piping allow the refrigeration cycle to be operated in reverse. A heat pump system will cool the indoor air, but when the valve is reversed, the indoor air is heated. One advantage of a heat pump is that it moves heat instead of generating heat, giving you more energy efficiency. Since it is powered by electricity, you save substantially on natural gas consumption.

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